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Minimum age: 8 years Minimum height: 5' 2 Single Person - max. weight: 220 lbs

ZORB ® globe riding (generically known as globe riding) is the experience of rolling down a hill in a large inflatable globe at a dedicated ZORB ® site. We place you inside one of our original ZORB ® globes and roll you down our hill, wet or dry (which ever tickles your fancy!). We have two types of ZORB ® globes available - the harness, or ZORBIT (dry) variety; and the non-harness, or ZYDRO (wet) variety. What's more, you can choose to roll down any one of our track variations for a completely unique experience.

Option 1 – ZYDRO Key Facts: You will get wet. You have different track options, bringing swim wear or a change of clothes. Option 2 – ZORBIT Key Facts: You stay dry. You are strapped into a specially designed safety harness within the ZORB ® globe, You have one track option, You can wear what you want. Option 3- The ZORB-Tri-Riffic Experience: You can select any three rides (or three of the same) and get them all for the price of two. The rides can NOT be split between multiple persons. This entitles one person to experience three rides of their choosing.
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