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Attraction Discounts are only available by
calling (865) 622-8900 and purchasing over the phone through our services.

Attraction Discounts on site will not be honored by Venue Box Office.

Discount only Available by Calling

For Tickets call: (865) 622-8900
10am - 7pm

a) Coupon codes will not be redeemable after an order is confirmed and submitted online

b) A coupon offer is not combinable with any other coupon offers

c) Coupons must not be transferred or resold, unless otherwise stated

d) Limit of one coupon code per order

e) A coupon code can only be redeemed by contacting us at (865) 622-8900.

f) A coupon code is valid until the date set out in the specific coupon's terms and conditions

g) A coupon code cannot be exchanged, refunded, replaced or redeemed for cash

h) A coupon offer is not available in conjunction with any online cash off promotions that occur during the coupon offer period, unless otherwise stated

i) We reserves the right to change or cancel coupon promotions at any time

j) Coupon discounts can be subject to change without prior notice. For up-to-date terms, enter your coupon in the Vacationspree shop

For questions, please contact

Discount only Available by Calling

For Tickets call: (865) 622-8900
9am - 7pm

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Terms and Conditions

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